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Current Projects

All research, education, community building and collaboration activities will take place at the Alliance Artificial Intelligence Hub (AI-Hub). Here you find an overview of our current projects.

In order to strengthen the implementation of trustworthy and explainable AI as enabling technology for preventive health and circular society, we will facilitate partnerships with the two respective institutes of EWUU – the Institute for Preventive Health and the Institute for Circular Society – to make sure that AI is applied in these domains in alignment with their research goals.

The core research theme is AI as enabling technology that revolutionizes the way we do science: Scientific discovery through trustworthy AI. The other main themes are the two societal impact domains that connect with Preventive Health and Circular Society.

Our current projects:

Scientific Discovery through trustworthy AI:

Societal impact domains (preventive health and circular society):


Collaboration between all alliance partners is pursued in four aspects within the core research line, which can be seen as basic research on AI building blocks which form the preconditions for implementing AI in the societal impact domains. The four building blocks are:

  • Data quality and accessibility
  • Trustworthy and explainable AI
  • Ethical, legal and societal aspects of AI
  • empowering scientific discovery through AI

Objectives of the AI hub

  • Perform research to foster scientific discovery through trustworthy AI.
  • Establish insights where AI can support and contribute to breakthrough developments within the alliance.
  • Connect the projects in the hub with the existing AI Labs of the alliance partners.
  • Collaborate with Preventive Health and Circular Society to (co-)fund projects in the two societal impact domains.
  • Scout national (and if possible, international) funding opportunities and involve researchers in consortium building events; capitalize on the emerging research collaborations within the alliance.

Our research lines: