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Harness the Power of AI-Assisted Reviewing in Your Grant Application

We understand the challenges of drafting successful grant applications, particularly for prestigious schemes such as the Horizon Europe. As part of the EWUU alliance, we’re committed to offering innovative tools and solutions to enhance your research proposals and increase their appeal to funding bodies.

Systematic reviews are considered the ‘gold standards’ in evidence reviews, and many grants require these comprehensive literature evaluations. However, conducting these reviews can be time-consuming and requires a lot of resources. By utilizing software to aid in these reviews, both efficiency and comprehensiveness can be increased. Here the use of ASReview is suggested, which is supported by EWUU. ASReview is powerful software that allows researchers to efficiently screen large volumes of text using active learning techniques.

ASReview offers several functionalities and is a free and open-source software that can be locally installed on users’ devices, thus ensuring data privacy. Additionally, it is readily available in the SURF ResearchCloud, for instance to run heavy models. It caters to both applied research questions, using active learning to aid the screening text datasets, and provides a platform to investigate methodological questions around the use of data-science and artificial intelligence using a simulation platform. Here we focus on the improvements for the applied research questions, if you are interested in the methodological questions, contact the ASReview development team. To this end, we’ve developed three package options, each designed to ease your proposal writing process and/ or boost the innovation quotient of your application. 

Option 1 – Embrace AI-Assisted Reviewing

This first package introduces you to the realm of AI-assisted reviewing using ASReview, a revolutionary tool that can greatly streamline any text screening process. The software can add a distinct innovative edge to your proposal, something highly valued by funding bodies like Horizon Europe that prioritize innovation and efficient resource management. Are you not familiar yet? No problem, it is easy to learn and we even have an academy.

This package is at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9, which means that the AI-assisted reviewing software, ASReview, is fully developed, tested, and available in a user-friendly web application. All necessary features are already integrated, so you can start utilizing the software immediately to streamline your research process.

Involvement of ASReview
To aid you in incorporating ASReview into your proposal, we can provide template texts that can be included in the proposal. All we ask in return is that you engage with the ASReview community, perhaps by joining the discussion forum or sharing your experience and work at our user meetings.

Option 2 – State of the Art

The second package takes you a step further, offering state-of-the-art features that can substantially elevate the quality and breadth of your research. These cutting-edge functionalities require some developer setup, which should be factored into your budget. However, opting for the second package underlines your commitment to using contemporary tools and upholding the highest standards of research – a quality that funding bodies highly appreciate and gives you an edge over any competition.

The second package stands at TRL 6, indicating that it is a functioning prototype with demonstrated capabilities. However, it’s primarily available through a command line interface or API. Some engineering capacity will be necessary to deploy and adapt these features to your specific research context.

Involvement of ASReview
To aid you in incorporating ASReview in your proposal, including the state-of-the-art features, we can provide an example grant text. The developer that will work on your project is welcome to join the ASReview team to work alongside and collaborate, both online and offline.

Option 3 – Develop New Features

The third package offers you the unique opportunity to enhance your project by developing novel, open-source features on top of ASReview’s robust infrastructure. This package demands significant developer time and necessitates collaboration with our dedicated ASReview team. Inclusion of the ASReview team in your grant is not a requirement, though it can certainly be requested.

At TRL 2/3, the new features are in early stages of development, where the conceptualization of novel features has been completed but testing and prototyping are still required. This package provides a unique opportunity for researchers to be part of the development process, as the creation and testing of new features form an integral part of the grant. This level implies an active collaboration with the ASReview team and a significant investment of developer time.

Involvement of ASReview
Getting together a proposal requires not only an excellent research idea, it can require a careful composition of a consortium. In such a setting, we as EWUU partners know that including many Dutch partners can be problematic for the consortium partner balance. Therefore, you include developer time on your own budget and there is no need to include ASReview or affiliated researchers in your grant proposal. We can endorse your proposal to strengthen your grant applications. The developers can work together with the existing ASReview developer team, both online and offline. If you want us to be involved in the actual development, more formal collaboration will be required.

How to

Our packages are designed to add significant value to your grant applications. We believe in the transformative power of AI to boost the reviewing process of text and invite you to share in this exciting journey with us. If you are interested, your next step is to contact us.