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The EWUU ELSA Lab (Value Alignment in Medical AI) has been awarded the NL AIC Label. This label is intended for activities that strengthen the Netherlands through research, education, and innovation in the area of Artificial Intelligence.

The EWUU ELSA Lab (Value Alignment in Medical AI ) is a collaboration between all the EWUU-alliance partners and the Patiëntenfederatie (the Dutch Patients’ Federation). The goal of ELSA Labs is to ensure that companies, government, knowledge institutions, civil society organizations, and citizens collectively develop responsible AI. This includes solutions to both societal and business problems, with honesty, fairness, security, and, above all, trustworthiness. The approach emphasizes human values, as well as the public interests of AI. With this label the NL AIC acknowledges that the EWUU ELSA-Lab meets the objectives and criteria set for research and development of the Ethical (E), Legal (L), and Societal (S) Aspects (A) of AI applications.

The EWUU ELSA Lab (Value Alignment in Medical AI) is a patient-driven lab that explores how medical AI can be aligned with the values and needs of stakeholders, in order to truly add value to reliable AI solutions for health and healthcare. It focuses on AI applications within the medical domain, where patients and healthcare professionals are end users.

The team consists of: Karin Jongsma (UMCU), Leendert van Maanen, Nadya Purtova (UU), Martijn Willemsen, Panos Markopoulos (TU/e), Annemarie Wagemakers (WUR) and the Patiëntenfederatie.

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