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On January 12th 2023 there will be an ASReview Users Meeting. ASReview uses state-of-the-art active learning techniques to solve one of the most interesting challenges in screening large amounts of text: there’s not enough time to read everything!

The aim of this user meeting is to bring together people who use or contribute to one of the many subprojects within the ASReview universe. The goal is to meet each other, share information, learn about new developments and discuss collaborations.

Spaces are limited!

About ASReview

ASReview, developed at Utrecht University, helps scholars and practitioners to get an overview of the most relevant records for their work as efficiently as possible while being transparent in the process. It allows multiple machine learning models, and ships with exploration and simulation modes, which are especially useful for comparing and designing algorithms. Furthermore, it is intended to be easily extensible, allowing third parties to add modules that enhance the pipeline with new models, data, and other extensions.


Anybody can participate; whether you have brilliant ideas, love statistics (or not!), or want to listen to the great adventures in the ASReview-universe, you are very welcome!
Because we want to stimulate interaction and collaboration, the maximum number of participants is 42.


Confirmed speakers:

Session 1

1. Visualising a workflow of the screening phase using ASreview – By Josien Boetje (Researcher Didactics of Digital Literacy; HU Hoge School)

2. Comparing Animal and Human Scientific Literature: Implications for the Automation of Systematic Reviews – By Cathalijn Leenaars (Institute for Laboratory Animal Sciences, Hannover Medical School)

3. Demo ASReview on SURF Research cloud – By Jelle Treep (Research Engineering team, Utrecht University)

4. Systematic Review On The Usage And Performance Of Active Learning-Based Systematic Reviews – By Jelle Teijema (ASReview team)

5 Overview of software for screening large amounts of textual data implementing machine learning  – By Rens van de Schoot (ASReview team)

Session 2

1. How to reconstruct labeled datasets using search queries (Issues in reconstructing a labeled dataset using initial search queries to conduct a simulation study in ASReview) – by Rutger Neeleman (ASReview bachelor student), Felix Weijdema (information specialist at Utrecht University library), Matthijs Oud (researcher at Trimbos Instituut)

2. Reproducibility and Data storage Checklist for Active Learning-Aided Systematic Reviews – by Peter Lombaers

3. The automatization and adressal of processes such as corruption investigations and document analysis using Active Learning and Natural Language Processing – by Micha Grinsven (thesis student)


Thursday, January 12 (2023) – 9.00-12-30 (CET) with the option to stay and collaborate/contribute


ASReview Community Room – Located in the old University Library – Entrance at the Drift 27 – Room 0.21 – Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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More info is available on the ASReview website